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Title: The Future of TorchCraft
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Hello TorchCraft Community!

We have some important announcements to make regarding the server. As you've probably noticed by now, we have shut down our primary game modes (survival, creative) due to a lack of player activity. Unfortunately, these two game modes are the most popular within Minecraft as a whole, and this makes starting up a server nearly impossible without a current community. A couple of weeks ago, we created a poll in regards to keeping these two game modes online and received two responses, both of which were no.

Not to worry, though, TorchCraft is not going away! We are committed to TorchCraft and creating our own unique server with a fun and inviting community atmosphere. Recently, Management has been looking at unique and alternative game modes. We have decided to turn TorchCraft into a modded server using the Feed the Beast: Revelation mod pack. Eventually, we are interested in creating our own mod pack but for now, we plan to stick with this pre-made and well-known mod pack. For more information about Feed the Beast: Revelation, please [url=https://www.feed-the-beast.com/modpack/ftb_revelation[/url]. 

If at some point, we receive enough players who want to have survival and/or creative back, we are not opposed to bringing these back up so long as people will play them. We have more than enough server resources to run multiple servers.

We hope you stick around and give modded Minecraft a try! Please reach out to NegativeFlare or KevKevKev147 if you have any questions or concerns.

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